Friday, 1 October 2010

What I like about Windows 7

Desktop Slideshow! Awesome.

The wallpaper on your desktop can change every few minutes. I love it.
Also, an RSS feed can be setup and you can have new desktop background images downloaded to your computer! Security issues aside, how cool is that?

Instead of the full sidebar that you had in Vista, you can choose which of these gadgets you like - just the clock, just the small slideshow, just the weather (security again), and you can drag them to anywhere you like on the screen.

Step Recorder:
This gives you the ability to "record steps" of a problem using the new "Step
Recorder". This will make it easier for techs to capture the steps to
resolve a problem or for users to record what is going wrong on their
computer. It is like a tape-recorder; you turn it on, do the steps as
it records, turn it off and it saves the file.

Prints to a wps xml-wrapped jpg file that can be ported to another
printer with no need for printer-specific information to be coded in.

More configurable! Comes with plently of presets if you are unsure of
the port you need to open to allow traffic to come in on. Also, you
can set outgoing and incoming, so that unwanted programs that have
lodged like ticks beneath the skin of your registry cannot call home
every ten minutes.

IPv6 by default:
I like this because IPv6 will auto-configure the client segment of the
IP address and there is no subnet mask needed ever. It is a
globally-routable, self-configuring, unique IP address that makes DHCP
futile, redundant and superfluous. No more problems with reserving IP
addressing in the scope (perhaps...) It auto-generates a new client
portion of the address every 24 hours to maintain uniqueness. The
host portion is static and delivered from IANA to regional deployment
centres. It still recognizes IPv4 and allows you to enter a static IP

OK. that's all for now.

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