Monday, 11 October 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving Day, I usually put the turkey in the oven and go somewhere to see all the beautiful fall leaves.  Today, I was not feeling so well, so after putting the turkey in the oven, we went down to the bluffs nearby to look at the swans and the waves and the trees on the cliffs. 

A dog was barking at this swan and he had his wings up and was barking back.  The dog got a little freaked out after that.  Dang - what is that thing?  He wanted to leave, but his master thought it was all very amusing.  Eventually, the swan assumed he had won and swam away. 

We strolled around on this, the fourth beautiful day in a row, and then went home and had a lovely turkey dinner.  The cranberries were spoiled, so my daughter made a nice, but different, mango chutney. 

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