Monday, 4 October 2010

“Bad cop, no doughnut“

So, at work today I decided that in order to make the slight modification to the database was going to involve a great deal of work and paperwork, my enthusiasm for the idea began to dissipate rapidly. I thought I would go get a coffee instead. My colleague suggested I get a doughnut to boot.

Which reminds me of the time I saw a “protest graffiti” on a wall along Queen Street West. There was some kind of police brutality incident in the news at that time and the offending officer got off easy. Too easy according to the graffiti:

“Bad cop, no doughnut“

What’s funnier is that I told this story to my eldest daughter in the kitchen one day and unbeknownst to me, my youngest daughter was listening from the other room. Later, some police officers visited her elementary school classroom and, after the presentation, asked if anyone had any questions. My daughter shoots up her hand and says: “Is it true that cops eat way too many doughnuts?” To which the female officer replies: “Well, we are really trying to eat healthy snacks now and so we try to eat bagels or muffins instead.” Don’t kids say the darndest things?

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