Thursday, 28 October 2010

They are only young once

My twelve-year-old daughter was excited because it is her cousin's 13th birthday.  She is excited also because she will be 13 in a few months.  She said:


"Then you won't have any kids anymore, just teenagers."


Then she started teasing me:


Then I won't run to the door when you come home.

Then I won't tell you I like your songs.

Then I won't hang out with you anymore.

Then I won't go to the movies with you.

Then I won't  colour with you.

Then I won't come with you to the store.

Then I won't give you a hug or a kiss anymore. 


I thought about my two other teenage daughters.  She is pretty much right.  Dang, what a good reminder to enjoy kids while they are young instead of hurrying them to grow up.

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