Tuesday, 31 August 2010

She was sitting on my front porch one morning two weeks ago. She was very thin and exhausted. She looked like she had just had kittens because she still had milk. Somebody probably threw her out. She seemed really at a loss out of doors – she would lie in the middle of the road and we would go and get her. She did not like grass.

We took her in the backyard and started taking care of her. We fed her and groomed her and played with her. But we couldn’t bring her in the house because it would make my asthma start up. We brought her in one day anyway because it was thunderstorming and when we looked out, she was not under the table, but hanging around the back door, soaking wet. We took her into a bedroom downstairs and closed the door for the night, so I would not get allergic. The cat jumped up on the bed and really looked like she was at home - finally!

I called animal services when we found her on Aug 22 and they said to let her hang around for a week and maybe she would go home, but she didn’t. So I called back after a week and they said to bring her in. So we did. We keep visiting her. Now she has a cold from the other sick cats. Common, they say.

The lady at animal services said the cats usually get sick and some of them don’t respond to the medication they give them, so they can’t be put up for adoption and they have to euthanize them. Made me cry. She said I should try to find someone to adopt the cat because they had lots of kittens there who would probably go first and they were actually “full” right now – so full that they could not even take in another stray cat.

Her chances look slim on getting adopted unless I can find someone to adopt her. She is very friendly and affectionate – except she wasn’t very happy to see us after what we did to her. Small cage. She is not very happy with us. They will spay her once she gets over her cold – in about ten days, I guess.

So if you could rescue her, I would greatly appreciate it. Toronto Animal Services - cat number A562010.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

In Summer

Classic Ontario Home - mid-1800's
(photo by dmvrant, Photoshoped: watercolour)

In Summer,
When the wind is hot,
And lazy buzzes the never-idle bee,
The whirring cicada sirens the afternoon,
The birds lie still till evening song.

In Summer,
When blue the sky sits so prettily,
Laced in white petticoats,
Gentle and calm.
In Summer,
When daisies nod agreeably so,
When sunflowers stretch, yellow-headed,
As high as they might go.

In Summer,
It is
When on such a hot, droning afternoon,
The dog lies on the porch,
The cat cools in the barn,
And only the fool
Toils away
In the wearying sun.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Lake lilies

Reflected morning
Sunshine starburst, lake lilies
Lotus in the clouds
(photo by dmvrnat)

Played guitar under the moon

Last night
Played guitar under the moon
beside a crackling fire
with a dozen friends.

Sister Golden Hair
Alice's Restaurant
Needle and the Damage

Haven't even started vacation yet.

(photo by dmvrant)