Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I dumped a PRADA bag in Central Park

Yes. I did. If you find it, it is yours. Brand new. Just hot.

You see, we went to New York for a few days in May for our wedding anniversary. We had never been there before. So on the last night we were doing some souvenier shopping. We bought a snow globe with the empire state building in it and some I Love NY T-shirts.

We were heading back to the hotel and on 7th Avenue we got to the corner of 54th and there were some vendors selling things on the corner. Nothing new – they were there all day long, so we looked at some of the stuff and saw a purse that looked nice. I said I would like it and my husband said “How Much?” The old man answered $45.00, he looked skinny and nervous. He was Afghani or something with long robes and a pillbox kind of hat. In the dark I saw a triangle on the purse as my husband was passing over the cash. Prada. What? I wanted to get out my glasses. I said to the man – is this a Prada purse? He nodded, said “Oh, yes. It is.” Stuffed the cash as the sound of sirens started in the distance. A sharp whistle from two “stalls” down and each of the four vendors bent down and grabbed up the corners of the sheets that their wares were sitting on, threw the huge bundles over their shoulders and ran off down the street. All this happened in 10 seconds or so and I stood there on the street with the bag in my hand and my mouth hanging open.

Yep, says my sister when I got home. Yep, says my niece. Of course – It’s New York! Says my other sister. Well, I was stunned. So, anyway, I thought, I have a nice purse. I took it back to the hotel and was happy for about an hour. Then I started to worry. What if it was stolen? What if it was real? Just how much is a Prada purse worth anyway? I looked on the internet and found a similar purse for about $1200.00. Really? It looked like this.
I started to worry about getting it across the border. Just what I need to be stopped and held for some Prada bag. So I dumped it in Central Park. Damn. Nice bag, too.

So, what would you have done?  Would you have tried to cross the US border with what you thought might be an expensive, stolen Prada handbag?

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