Monday, 29 July 2013

Resting at Battery Park. Statue of Liberty in the background. Beautiful sunset.

"Afrobats" or, as they said: "Black Guys Flipping" in Central Park.

Heading to the Mall in Central Park.

The fountain in central park.

Ahh, cool shade by the bridge. Central Park. New York City.

Looking for some shade in central park by the pond

The Photographer at Columbus Circle

Times Square? No problem.

Wha? Times Square is sure overwhelming, eh?

Bridge by the pond in Central Park, NYC

Central Park, NYC

Dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. Salad bar is great!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Shopping at Jersey Garden Outlet makes my girl very, very happy. (And cute)

She likes the second bedroom

Loving the living room. Three TVs and two bathrooms make one family of five happy while visiting New York City.

Cupboard is stocked. Cute bowls and glasses! And you can ask them to go pick up groceries for your full-size fridge.

In the Kitchen of our 2-bedroom suite ao the Residence Inn, Newark.

Lunch / Dinner at Jersey Outlet Mall. Note the lack of Veges...

Tired of waiting for the hotel shuttle after flying in from Toronto. Hungry too. Bumpy way down before landing makes the stomach queasy.

Waiting for the hotel shuttle after arriving in Newark, New Jersey for our trip to New York City