Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I just dubbed her "562" - like "626"

We went to the shelter again to visit dear “A562010” or “Kitty Cora” or whatever you call her. They think we are bothering them – after dumping the cat off (which is what they write on the index card on the cage – “dumped at shelter”) then we have the audacity to return to visit her three times and ask a lot of dumb questions when they are busy trying to get these cats adopted. Whatever.

She is in the sick room and can’t be visited. She was moved out of the “stray” room, where they put all the current stray cats (it was full of new cats!) because she had caught a cold or “upper respiratory infection” as had all the other cats. She is on medication and will be treated for ten days. After that time, she is in line to be spayed – first come, first serve, so we don’t know yet when that will be.

Instead of bothering her every few days, the lady cleverly suggested that we look on the website to obtain updates about “562” as I have just dubbed her for short. (We may end up calling her “stitch” at this rate – which is a reference to the Disney movie “Lilo and Stitch” where an alien mutant experiment named “626” comes to earth and ends up in a kennel, so he impersonates a dog and gets adopted by an unknowing young Hawaiian girl who thinks her dog is the best with all the tricks he can do. Cute movie. Generated years of one-liners in our house. “He is very persuasive”)

Anyway…. Will keep you posted.

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