Wednesday, 29 September 2010

African Lion Safari

We went to African Lion Safari this summer.  I took these photos there.  I can only imagine the nervous chatter going on in the car while these two huge rhinos stared at them.  What were they thinking?  Did they not like the colour?  Fed up with cars?  Just fooling around?  Like, who knows?  There are jeeps that go around and make sure that everything stays under control, but these two rhinos don't look like they care much at the moment if they were to be shot at with tranquilizer guns.  Would it even penetrate that thick hide?  Yikes! is all I can say. 
I was much happier to have this ostrich come tapping on our window.
My daughter teases him (her?) with an orange. I swear, they acted like teenage girls preening down the middle of the road trying to get the cars to notice them, tapping at windows, following cars.  This one tried for about five minutes to get the orange while we took pictures.  The oddest thing about an ostrich is that it has ears behind the feathers on the head and they kind of look like human ears.  The funniest thing is watching them take a drink from a pail and then lift their head and kind of gobble, gobble to make it go down their neck.

 Baboons are hoodlums.  Hooligans looking for action.  They jump on your car with the sole intent of doing damage.  They look for the cars they know they can do something to. They hang on the back windshield wiper of vans, yank it until it breaks, meticulously peel all bumper stickers off, wobble antenae back and forth until it breaks off and then they run away with it - a new weapon.  The jeep people chase them to get the antenae.  The baboons run up the tree and wait for the next van. 
 Zebras are celebrities.  They stand and let you admire them in their fancy outfits.  The turn and pose.  This one was just standing by himself at the edge of the road, waiting for attention.  The two behinds in the background were tired of people looking at them.  Fans can be so tiresome, after all. 
Giraffe's are afraid of people and run funny when they run away.
It is hard to believe that God was actually finished with this animal because he looks like he needs some assistance, some modifications in order to actually be comfortable.  I wonder if it true that they only sleep in twenty minute intervals?  Unfinished.  But I like them. e

Last year, it was this guy who stood outside our car and stared at us. Eeeeeek!  That was all I had to say.  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! and Let's go now.
He is very, very big and very, very strong.  I am glad he was resting.  So were the lions who were mainly asleep both times we visited the park that is west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, near Cambridge.  The kids love it.

The deer are happy and inquisitive. They huddle in clumps under the trees and don't stray very far from the other deer.  They like to check out the people carefully, with what seems to be a judgemental eye.  If they could talk, I bet they would ask why you were wearing that hat or where you got your hair cut.  They want to know about you.  But that's just my take.  You should go visit.  Even just once.  It certainly beats the zoo.    African Lion Safari

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