Thursday, 9 September 2010

I submitted photos to the Cottage Life Photo Contest

Today I submitted four photos to the Cottage Life photo contest.

Lake Lilies:

We paddled across the lake to Tennyson's Bay and discovered that it was filled with lily pads and beautiful white lily flowers. The water was calm and still here, although the sky was blue and the wind was strong. It was surprising to see how much of the sky and trees were reflected in the lake and how the sun made the green pads white.

Peace Kid

The blue tongue is because she just finished a big, round sucker at 9:00 in the morning (cottage rules) and the peace sign is because she got away with it and I didn't even get mad.

Floating between lake and sky

Floating between the lake and the sky, this dock lolls peacefully in the bright morning, but by the afternoon it is rocked with the clamour of jumping, laughing, carousing, splashing, (and even the crying,) of half-a-dozen kids having summer fun in a warm Ontario lake.

Glitter Lake

A shower of glitter reflects the warm afternoon sunshine just before dinnertime.

Boats by the Dock

The aluminum boat must be 50-years-old, but it doesn't seem like it to me. I can remember the spray of water in my face while racing with the motor across Lake Simcoe or paddling quietly so as not to disturb the fish underneath, holding my breath because the metal made lots of noise. Sunday morning ventures across the quiet lake in the paddleboat, with the cool sunshine in your eye and hot coffee in your mug - it doesn't get much better.

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