Thursday, 19 July 2012

Giant's causeway

We went to a place by the northern shore of Ireland that was a volcanic area. At some ancient time there was an eruption and the lava cooled so fast that it solidified in a strange shape - octagonal columns that are side by side and tall - some about 40 feet tall. These are all by the beach and are pretty cool.

The Irish have a legend that a giant built a walkway (causeway) to get to Scotland (which is only 12 miles across the water). The giant was named Finn McCool. But after Finn McCool went across the walkway, he saw n even bigger giant, so he ran back. Thinking of how to escape the bigger giant when he eventually came across to Ireland, Finn disguised himself as a baby. When the bigger Giant came across, he took one look at the baby and decided he wanted nothing to do with the father of that huge baby, so he ran back across the Causeway, breaking it up as he went along the way.

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