Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Driving to Derry

The bus driver has been telling us stories all along the way. He just told us the story of his life. He was married at 19. He had 6 kids. He was an electrician. He fell off a ladder and injured his back. He was in hospital for 8 months and was told he would never walk again. After while of living like that, he went to a shrine at Knock. A woman - the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter met him there long with a priest who had signs of stigmata (his hands bled where the nails of Christ were). They prayed and drenched his back with holy water. He left there the same - with two canes, but slowly, over the next few weeks, he got better. Eventually he became a driver. Now we are heading to Knock and he has asked us to say prayer for his wife - who we all saw last night when she came to visit - she is terribly ill and has just left the hospital. If you read this, say a prayer too.

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