Monday, 28 February 2011

Code is not poetry, Wordpress has a slogan - Code is Poetry.
As a web developer, I thought that it was cool when I first saw it, then ignored it, pretty much.  But after writing a piece recently - a song - I started thinking about it.  I thought about all the poems I have written and then compared it to the code I have written.  I think I have come to my conclusion on the issue. Code is not poetry - but poetry can be code. The purpose of poetry is to encapsulate emotion. To create emotional bullets. Code does not. It does not contain an emotional punchline as you can find in most poems.  Songs can be poetry. Comedy can be poetry. Rants, rhymes and curses can all be poetry.  Code can be concise, precise and efficient - which some people may call beautiful, but it does not evoke an empathetic response in the reader and enhance the sense of human unity through shared emotional experiences - like poetry does.  Code is code, Wordpress, and even all your popularity and all the many pageviews by all your many daily users cannot turn that slogan into truth - or code into poetry.

Grateful Today: for the rainbow I saw through the rain while driving the highway to work. (Not a double rainbow, but I have seen one of those as well.  If you have never heard about the Double Rainbow YouTube thing, click here for more. )

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