Thursday, 20 December 2012

POEM:: Scarborough Home

Sometimes I think I've had enough
Of all the troubles and all the news
So I take myself to the top of the bluffs
To look out over the glistening blue

And from the top of the cliff I see
Sailboats wandering aimlessly
Float houses swaying peacefully
Herons hovering effortlessly
Here near my Scarborough home

Sometimes I hear the lions roar
From the zoo on a quiet morn
Sometimes I see a deer run swiftly
Into the trees, where the rock doves mourn
Sometimes I walk a wooded trail
And silver fish from the river leap
A hooting owl, a coyote's howl
A fox patters softly down my street
All near my Scarborough home

Sometimes I ride the highway, swift
To towers tall and people unending
Press the button, ride the lift
Messages back and forth I'm sending
But when the red fades in the west
I go back to the green, green boulevards
To where the trees are full of summer's best
Where the night sky is studded with diamond stars
Where the light shines softly from my window
My home - my Scarborough home.

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