Thursday, 29 September 2011

Remove wires from photo using CS5

Wires in photo

Wires removed with PhotoShop CS5 using the technique below

HOW TO: remove wires in Photoshop CS5:

- Open PhotoShop CS5
- Open the photo where there is a line across the image
- Click on the calligraphy pen (the path tool)
- Click on one end of the wire
- Click in small increments along the wire to make a path that is right over the wire
- Click on the healing tool and make sure content aware is selected along the top of the screen
- Click on the brush size and make it only as wide as the wire or a bit wider and make it 100% hard
- Click on "Window" on the menu bar and open the Path panel
- Click within the Path panel on the path that you just created 
- Click on the circle at the bottom of the Path panel (hover over it and it will say: "stroke path with brush"
- There will be a pause, then you will say "Eureka!" 
- The healing tool will attempt to remove the wire along the path and replace it with neighbouring conent
- Your wires will disappear.
- Delete the path and do it again, if necessary

Love it. 

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