Saturday, 13 November 2010

Harry Potter scarf - in the round

Harry Potter Scarf


2 skeins red heart super saver in soft navy

2 skeins red heart super saver in lt. gray

Size 8 - 16 inch knitting needles that are attached to each other with a string of plastic (circular needles)

- yarn needle for sewing the ends together.

- crochet hook for making fringes


Using navy, cast on 72 st.itches.

Work in stockinette stitch.  When you are using a circular needle, this means just knit every row.  Put a safety pin at the start of the row so you can tell when you have finished a row.  Knit 21 rows of navy.

Switching color to silver/grey after 21 rows.  To switch colours, just cut the navy thread, leaving about 4 inches hanging on the inside of the work.  Then take the grey thread and leave about 4 inches hanging to match the navy on the inside of the work, knit a few stitches using the grey thread, then go back and tie a knot using the navy and grey 4 inch hanging pieces. 

Knit 21 rounds of each colour until 19 stripes are completed. Put the dark colur on the outsite - Red/Yellow scarves had red on both end. 

Bind off in the colour you were knitting.  Iron flat, then sew together. 

Make fringes.  Cut yarn into 14 in. pieces, enough for fringe.

Use the crochet hook and in groups of 4 fringe the ends together alternating colors.

Wear and enjoy.

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