Tuesday, 3 August 2010

In Summer

Classic Ontario Home - mid-1800's
(photo by dmvrant, Photoshoped: watercolour)

In Summer,
When the wind is hot,
And lazy buzzes the never-idle bee,
The whirring cicada sirens the afternoon,
The birds lie still till evening song.

In Summer,
When blue the sky sits so prettily,
Laced in white petticoats,
Gentle and calm.
In Summer,
When daisies nod agreeably so,
When sunflowers stretch, yellow-headed,
As high as they might go.

In Summer,
It is
When on such a hot, droning afternoon,
The dog lies on the porch,
The cat cools in the barn,
And only the fool
Toils away
In the wearying sun.

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